Facilities of our Dental Clinic

Facilities with the latest technology

In our Gómez-Ferrer Dental Clinic, we have modern and functional facilities located in the center of Valencia and designed with the aim of providing top quality treatments. Our facilities have been carefully designed, taking care of all the details and qualities to guarantee your comfort as our patient.

We are very aware that your experience as a patient in our clinic begins from the moment you are first received at our center. That is why we have taken care of every last detail so that you feel comfortable, in a pleasant atmosphere, warm in winter and cool in summer.

We also have different ways of spending time while you wait to be attended by our professionals, we have updated magazines, an interactive screen where you can enjoy entertainment videos and videos of dental care.

If you wish, you can connect to our free Wi-Fi signal. Everything necessary for your visit to be of your pleasure and for you to be willing to return.

Esta Consulta dental es un Centro de Excelencia en Implantología Dental


We are a dental clinic that we have been in Valencia for many years, we work with the best known brands in the world of dentistry. Some of these brands (Sweden & Martina) have given us the title of Center of Excellence in Implantology of Valencia.

Gabinetes. Our dental practice has some cabinets equipped with armchairs of the latest technology in addition to being comfortable, so comfortable that sometimes one of our patients has fallen asleep while our one of our professionals performed the dental treatment that had come 😉

We hope that the comfort of our cabinets and the professionalism of our doctors in the realization of your dental treatment will be of your greatest pleasure.

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