10 February, 2020
Laser Dental Diodo A.R.C. FOX para Gingivoplastia de alargamiento

✅ Dental laser for elongation gingivoplasty

Laser is used in its pre-tuned gingivectomia program to lengthen the anatomical crown of the lateral incisors in a patient who will be designed with veneers. The evolution and the result is optimal
29 October, 2019

✅ Ozone – Cleaning titanium barriers

✅ Ozone - Cleaning titanium barriers. The ozone charge in the syringe is shown so that it can be insufflated inside the barrier so that it alkalizes and oxygenates the interior, eliminating anaerobic germs.
24 October, 2019

✅ A.R.C. Fox Laser EmunDo + Ozone to treat Gingivitis

✅ Treatment in which to use the A.R.C. Fox laser ARC diode with a program specifically designed to disinfect periodontal...
11 January, 2018

Dental 3D Intraoral Scanner in Valencia

22 December, 2016

Benefits of laser in Dentistry

Dentistry today has changed quickly and beneficial.
22 December, 2016

Laser Dental Treatments in Valencia