Dr. Fernando Gómez-Ferrer Bolinches

Dr. Fernando Gómez-Ferrer Bolinches.

Doctor of medicine and surgery, graduate in dentistry and specialist in Implantology, surgery and Oral rehabilitation, is a great professional in the care of the dental health of the patients.

In the year 1991 began its work at the Dental Clinic Gómez-Ferrer located in the center of Valencia and since then maintains the care and attention to the patients in front of a highly qualified professional team that guarantees the treatments made and maintains its Evolution over time.

His training as a specialist in implantology is similar to the development of this surgical specialty since almost its beginnings. Every year he goes to technological innovation and manual skills courses in Spain as well as in various European and United States countries. It considers that the quality of the materials and techniques used is fundamental to achieve good results and to offer greater guarantees to the patients.

Currently, he also collaborates as:

  • Teacher at CICORD (Implantology and Oral surgery courses in the Dominican Republic).
  • Member of the SEI (Spanish Society of implants).
  • Member of the SOCE (Spanish Society of Digital Dentistry and new technologies).

What led you to start the Gómez-Ferrer Dental clinic?

The Independent and enterprising spirit of offering personalized and quality treatments.


What qualities should a good dental implant specialist have?

Enthusiastic scholar of an evolving specialty, with much interest in novelties, empathy with patients, willful, cooperative, tidy, clean, agile and manual dexterity, apart from friendly and with people.


Where can we find him when he’s not in the clinic?

He attends and imparts many courses in training, updating, innovation and recycling of implantology and Oral surgery.

Like to enjoy the friends and family, the world of culture, music and reading. The excursions, the trips, the countryside, the mountain and the sea are hobbies that fill the spirit.

Cooperates with several non-profit organizations as a volunteer physician and dentist in helping the neediest in Spain and in several underdeveloped countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Cambodia, etc.


What do you like to do when you leave the clinic?

Disconnect from service to others, share with friends and/or family good times, relax, read.


What do you like most about your job?

The relationship with patients and be able to solve their problems and ailments by the knowledge acquired.


¿Cuál es su lema?

Live the present as if it were the last, learn from your past.


What makes the Gómez-Ferrer Dental Clinic different from other dental clinics?

The quality of the treatments and the personalized treatment that guarantee their duration.


What case of all you have seen remembers with more affection?

So many! … Especially those who are very complex, have evolved very well over the years, especially due to good collaboration with patients.