✅ A.R.C. Fox Laser EmunDo + Ozone to treat Gingivitis

Treatment in which to use the A.R.C. Fox laser ARC diode with a program specifically designed to disinfect periodontal and peri-implant bags by fixing the germs a marker of the carboxylic groups of their membranes.

This fluorescent mineral called Green Indocyanine (EmunDo®) is very sensitive to the laser wavelength of 810 Nm.

The treatment is performed without anesthesia since with only 300 milli Watts and a discontinuous current of 100 milliseconds of action per 300 milliseconds of stop, it is able to break the germ membranes of the surfaces to be treated.

With this we not only manage not to activate the sensory endings of the patients, but also to make the cells of the internal mucous wall of the periodontal or peri-implant pouch not damaged, and that the root cement or the rough surface of the implant.

All this means that after decontamination and bloodless disinfection achieved through DYNAMIC PHOTO THERAPY, the internal epithelium of the mucosa of the periodontal or peri-implantpoic pouch can re-attach to the surface of the root cement or implant without having generated any recession. It is a bloodless, painless, non-resective treatment, without postoperative and very effective.

After this therapy we pass an ozone-generating glass tip by plasmaferesis that manages that throughout the area is enriched oxygen (O3) oxygen that will help to make the result even better as it will completely eliminate all germs that grow without growing without oxygen (anaerobious) in a way that is also painless and bloodless, apart from cash.

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