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Pregunta a tu dentista Gratis por Internet

Our Dental Clinic Gómez-Ferrer was born with the idea of offering a high quality service to all the people concerned about their aesthetic and dental health, focused on the treatment close to the patients.

Since our beginnings as a Dental Clinic we have been characterized by putting at your disposal a large team of doctors specialists in different areas of dentistry, as well as quality treatments using the latest dental technology: 3d Scanner, Laser technology and the Magnetic Mallet.

Our dental clinic is located in the Plaza San Agustín, the heart of Valencia. Although many of our patients decide to move from other parts of Spain, or even the world, in order to be treated by our doctors, Dental Gómez-Ferrer in Valencia makes available to all those people who can not move until Our facilities, the opportunity thanks to the technology to formulate all the questions that they have and to carry out all the consultations that consider necessary relations with their dental health.

How do you ask your questions?

In order to help all people, we have created this online and free service through which you can get any questions you have about the health or aesthetic s of older people as well as children and any Nature or dental ailment.

We make available to all those people who can not move to our clinic, the opportunity to ask all the questions they have about their dental health

How does this service work?

This service has the purpose of being a guide and a meeting point between our patients and our dentists. Thus, the former will be able to ask their questions about oral treatments, problems or curiosities in an easy, comfortable and most important way “fast” through the Internet.

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