Frequently Asked Questions about Implants

What are the dental implants?

What benefits are dental implants?

There is possibility of rejection to a dental implant?

Know if one is a candidate to be a dental implant?

That age is necessary to put a dental implant?

What material are dental implants?

What happens if I need bone where would be a dental implant?

What is the recovery time after surgery for placement of the dental implant?

As time I have my tooth finished if I need a dental implant?

What is the time until he rehabilitates?

Do I know if I become a candidate to dental implants?

Long must wait after an extraction to place a dental implant?

Do I place my dental implants if I am diabetic?

What kind of anesthesia is used for treatment of dental implants?

What is the duration of a dental implant?

They are dental implants safe for health?

What is the procedure when the receiver bone of the implant dental has been lost or absorbed into the vast majority?


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