Replacement of teeth with Snap On Smile

Snap On it is a kind of splint

With the form of dental covers which covers all the teeth of the patient and which can be designed in tonality and form that the patient decide.

This case is a periodontal problem in lower incisors which require their extraction because they do not already support the splint. So that the patient will not edentulous models take you and it is designed you Snap-On. The day of the intervention we have it ready and in the area of the extraction will be a kind of Pontic covering the edentulous space.

The resin is such hardness allowing you to chew normal food. Intervention together with bone curettage extractions are made and the cystectomy after disinfected using Betadine sutured to improve wound healing and bone regeneration.

Then placed you implants and fixed rehabilitation, but meanwhile the va patient very comfortable and safe with a provisional “fixed denture” on your teeth that need not carved, that allows good aesthetics and power wash it very well to be able to take it off and brush your teeth normally.

Can you imagine having the perfect smile without carrying out any dental treatment?
This is now possible thanks to Snap On Smile, a revolutionary system that allows patients to smile with a removable denture but fixed by friction on their teeth, immediately and without the need of bridges or dental implants

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